Blackening of The Bride/Groom (Scotland)

Every country, tribe and family has it’s own wedding traditions. Some are nice and interesting, some are weird or even cruel and some are a mere result of superstitious beliefs. Scottish wedding has some unique and weird wedding and pre-wedding customs, “Blackening of the bride” being one of them. This is a pre-wedding tradition.

blackening of the bride

Initially the bride to be was the one who was blackened by her friends but now the groom is also blackened in many cases. The bride and the groom are taken by surprise or may be by shock and covered with foul and disgusting substances. The friends cover them with any gross they can think of. It can be curdled milk, rotten eggs, spoiled curry, smelly fish sauces, molasses, mud, flour, sausages, syrups and feathers.

It seems that the bride or the groom, whoever is being blackened, is always mentally prepared for this pre-wedding tradition as they don’t try to run or hide somewhere.

After being blackened he or she or both of them are either tied to a tree or taken to the local streets and the pubs with the friends clanging the pots to announce the wedding. Scots believe that this humiliation prepares them to face all the difficulties and humiliations that may come across them as nothing would be more humiliating through out their life. Source

The following You tube video shows a bride to be being blackened by her friends

And this You tube video shows a couple experiencing this pre-wedding tradition

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